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Your Host Sign art by Yovonna Donnell

Welcome to Someday Farm. Here are a few things for you to look at:

Another Tractor (New, 12/13)

Compost Screener (New, 12/13)

Hydraulic Dump Trailer (New, 11/12)

The Chicken Chateau (New, 8/12)

Overhauling a 650 Yamaha

Who I am, and What I think

Composting Updated 4/13

New, 11/20/06 - Offshore Shepherding

A website for tinkerers

1938 McCormick-Deering F14 Tractor Restoration

Restoration, Part Deux

Restoration, Part III

The Restoration Continues (Part IV)

The Story of the Essex Tri Directional

Someday Farm

Building a Gas Engine Winch

Building a Logging Arch

Barn Construction Pictures

Octagonal Sheepshed Pictures

Making a Block & Tackle from scratch

The Skunk Story

Yard Art

A vist to "The County"

Playing with Electrolysis

An Impromptu Tractor Show

The 2004 Show

The 2005 Show

The 2006 Show

Various Modifications to my 1988 John Deere 750

The "Martha Stewart Fence"

A Dictionary of Taler Terms

The Tim Taylor Binford 6000 Four Wheel Drive Electric Start Leaf Sucker

The Owl's Head Transportation Museumr

If you like country art and/or pencil sketches, you'll absolutely LOVE Don Greytak's work. Here's a link to a gallery of his stuff:

Don Greytak's Art

If you came here for the tractor stuff, you're probably familiar with Yesterday's Tractors If not, you should check it out. If you enjoy a good laugh, have a look at Yesterday's Tractors "Tales" board. More tall tales, knee slappers and outright outrageousness than is generally considered legal. Caution: Here there be punsters.