Someday Farm
Prospect Harbor, Maine

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Your Host Sign art by Yovonna Donnell

Welcome to Someday Farm. Here are a few things for you to look at:

A 1/64th Scale Farm Diorama (New, 01/20)

I've Lost My Mind and Bought a Bulldozer! (New, 10/19)

Another Tractor (New, 12/13)

Compost Screener (New, 12/13)

Hydraulic Dump Trailer (New, 11/12)

The Chicken Chateau (New, 8/12)

Who I am, and What I think

Composting Updated 4/13

New, 11/20/06 - Offshore Shepherding

A website for tinkerers

The Story of the Essex Tri Directional

Someday Farm

Building a Gas Engine Winch

Building a Logging Arch

Barn Construction Pictures

Octagonal Sheepshed Pictures

Making a Block & Tackle from scratch

The Skunk Story

Yard Art

A vist to "The County"

Playing with Electrolysis

An Impromptu Tractor Show

The 2004 Show

The 2005 Show

The 2006 Show

The "Martha Stewart Fence"

A Dictionary of Taler Terms

The Owl's Head Transportation Museumr

If you like country art and/or pencil sketches, you'll absolutely LOVE Don Greytak's work. Here's a link to a gallery of his stuff:

Don Greytak's Art

If you came here for the tractor stuff, you're probably familiar with Yesterday's Tractors If not, you should check it out. If you enjoy a good laugh, have a look at Yesterday's Tractors "Tales" board. More tall tales, knee slappers and outright outrageousness than is generally considered legal. Caution: Here there be punsters.