The 2003 show was such a hit, Les decided to do it again. As with many things (especially Talers) it got better with age. Here are some pictures from the 2004 Woodstock Old Tractors, Old Equipment and Old Farts Show:

A Case 500 Diesel. Seems like a LOT of tractor for the little patches of land flat enough to farm in Nampsha!

A display of one-lunger make-and-break engines. Mostly Fairbanks-Morse, Les thinks.

An immaculately restored Cub

A very early version of a Essex Tri-Directional Garden Tractor. Test pilot is Bernie from Mass.

Bernie and the Swamp Yankee (SY) discuss matters of great import

The crowd control staff at work

A hayloader at work. One of the reasons Les' show is gaining in popularity every year is that you actually get to see this equipment being used, rather than polished.

This old F12 is still working every day except on the sabbath. Owner is a 7th Day Adventist and he wasn't there since it was the sabbath and he was loathe to let the old boy off the home place. But his SiL (Les' neighbor) convinced him that the Lord wouldn't strike him dead if he did. Pretty sure this is a '33. It is certainly the oldest tractor at the show.

This Shaw Du-All belongs to Les' second cousin. He's the guy with no hat. Steering on the thing is very interesting. The engine slides back and forth when working the clutch pedal.

There was a much larger contingent of John Deeres this year, including this G and 70. Total of at least 10 JDs. Two of them Ds.

An H with a very nicely restored plow.

A Super C with a mounted two-bottom

Three old Cases: SC w/2-row planter, '48 DC (the one they used to pull the hay loader) and and Les' "Lazarus"...a '44 SC.

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