The I Love Old Tractors show in Woodstock, NH just keeps getting better! Highlights of the 2006 show include:

This 1925 Holt/Caterpillar was easily the Best of Show, based on rarity and quality of restoration. Note the tiller steering.

And this John Deere 820 with factory style cab was easily the biggest! A very nice, straight original, pup start. I felt the earth move...

The "Trailer Queen Award" goes to The Immaculate Dorf.(If "dorf" confuses you, see The Dictionary of Taler Terms) This thing is absolutely spotless, lives and travels in a covered trailer. Feller really seems to enjoy it.

A nice little cub with an early tiller on the back.

As always, Les was busy making sure everyone was having a good time. This year's ride was a Simplicity Landlord.

The antique car department was highlighted by this perfectly restored Willys-Knight

Trucks weren't left out. This is a German Hanomag all-wheel drive. Judging by what appears to be a machinegun mount/turret sticking out of the roof on the passenger's side, I'd say it was a military vehicle. Or perhaps a South Central Special Edition. I didn't think to note the year.

Les has been trading tractors again, this year he brought his nice original Farmall M.

Farmalls were well represented this year, including Your's Truly's F14, The Red Menace.

I got my first experience loading a tractor onto a deck-over gooseneck thanks to Scotty (ScottyHOMeY) Taylor. The first couple of trips were a bit nervewracking for this flatlander.

Many Thanks to Scotty and his rig for dragging me and TRM to Cow Hampshah with him. I gotta get me one of them Turbo Goats...

As always, the very BEST part of the show was the people. This year included the largest contingent of Talers yet.
Standing, L to R: CBRyder, Mike(the TireMan), Swampy, ScottyHOMeY, Les and BW.
Kneeling in front: Your Host and Dave "Stretch" Kulley
Awful lot of forehead there, ain't there...

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